Lash Bath 30ml & Brush


Lash Wash Brush:

The Brush was created specifically for use with the Lash bath to thoroughly clean between the lashes, ensuring longer retention.


Lash Bath: 


Oil Free Lash cleanser,

Make up remover,

Gentle Ph Balancing face wash


Our Lash bath is a Oil Free cleanser made from Natural Ingredients and does NOT contain oil, glycerine, glycerol, artificial colour, ethanol, parabens, synthetic or added fragrances. Bleach and Lashes Cleanser is a 3&1 product  being a 
•Make up remover 
•Gentle Ph balancing Face wash &
•Lash cleanser 
Not to mention its vegan friendly 
Come in 30ml or 50ml bottles 
USE: We recommend using the Lash Cleanser on your entire face daily to remove make-up and keep your lashes free from oil build-up.
And voilà, say hello to clean lashes and soft subtle skin!


Lash Bath & Brush combo

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