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Cotent Model Search

" Hi, Our names are Alexis & Anastacia. Anastacia is a hair stylist in Miami  and Alexis is a make up artist/ lash stylist ; Also we are the owners of Bleach and Lash. We looking for models for different services with a specific look for a promotional projects we will be working on. A list of qualifications by service will be listed below in the next tab (scroll down to see). One or both of us will be doing a specific service of our choice and shooting photos and video for promotional material. We typically charge for these services but for this it would be FREE  or a very low fee for you since you would be allowing us to work with you for most of the day!   Feel free to check out some of the work we have done in the past at our instagram page @bleachandlash so you can get an idea of the services we provide and what we will be doing! . If this sounds like fun to you we will require for you to send some photos (details below on requirments expected for each service scroll down) .  Also all models will be required to post and tag us on their feed or story. We would love to have you on board! Thanks so much for yout time. 

Scroll down for information on expected requirements by service. Please fill out the sign up here forum box below. We will reach out to you via email or text ,

Services in Search for & Qaulifications

Lash Extensions

Must be 18+ to be a model.    

Must be comfortable in front of a camera and willing to take pictures or videos for promotional content or for Lash courses student models.

All models will be required to tag us on different social media platforms as well as leave a review on google about your service that was provided.

Must be willing to stay for whatever the required time frame is .

Must be willing to give creative freedom.

Must be willing to send pictures of yourself if requested (part of selection process). We will contact you for it if needed.

When selected we will require lashes to be cleaned and free of make up.

If selected this service is can be free or discounted (Depends but you will be informed  before the service )  

Blonde Wavy Hair

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